Ford Dealers, Save Time & Money With Our Ford Pricing History Tool!

Ford Pricing History Tool

FORD DEALERS! Of course you already know that factory pricing has been volatile due to the supply crunch, but did you know that Autofusion offers a Ford pricing history tool that helps you avoid headaches, while saving time and making sure you don’t leave money on the table in your factory reimbursement process through WBDO, SmartVincent, etc?

Imagine you took an order for a new F-150 SuperCrew Lariat in January, at pricing level 225. In March, the customer decides to add some additional equipment, ordered at price level 235. Now, it’s June and the vehicle arrives on the lot at pricing level 250. After the vehicle is delivered- your dealership is left with the task of navigating the error prone reimbursement process to get the difference in price back. If you get it wrong, you lose money, and if you get it right, you lose a lot of time.

Enter the Price History tool from Autofusion! When you begin your reimbursement process, rather than digging through old factory price sheets and manually calculating the difference between each option, just select the model, trim, and price levels in our app and we instantly calculate and simplify the price differences for you. You get a simple, side-by-side, line item price breakdown; with the math already done for you. Easy as 1,2,3!

No more headaches in the back office, or hours spent meticulously auditing each order, and no more red ink on your P&L heat-sheets!

Our easy to use tool helps you effortlessly navigate these price level changes at any time, without leaving your desk. With the Ford Price History tool from Autofusion, your dealership will save time, and eliminate the potential for costly errors; all while staying focused on delivering the perfect vehicle and buying experience to your customer. Book your demo today to see exactly how this would work for you!

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